The World's Worst Corporate Polluters of 2020

Updated: Sep 7

Who Are The Worst Polluters of 2020?

Across the globe, pollution is an unfortunate operational consequence of numerous big businesses. The emission of greenhouse gases is happening at an alarming rate across the planet, with a handful of corporations responsible for the lion’s share of the pollution.

A recent study conducted by the Climate Accountability institute has revealed that only 20 firms are responsible for a third of the world’s carbon emissions. Fossil fuel companies highlight the list, who have been knowingly polluting oceans and airways with high levels of CO2 and CH4 emissions, according to the study.

This study, conducted by the world’s top climate scientists, has shown that this short list of corporate polluters have almost single-handedly driven the climate crisis to its current state, despite being warned of the consequences.

The unrelenting spree of environmental degradation by these companies has led not only to increased global temperatures, but also to the rapid acidification of our oceans. The wide-ranging effects of this acidification could be disastrous for the planet, especially for sea biodiversity and those living near oceans.

Here at Earthen Futures, we highly recommend looking over this list of the world’s worst carbon polluters and do your best to avoid any of their products or products produced by their subsidiary companies.

The 3 Worst Corporate Polluters Across the World in 2020

#1: Saudi Aramco / Saudi Arabia

As the name suggests, Saudi Aramco is a Saudi Arabia based oil and chemical company who is currently the world’s worst carbon polluter. In terms of revenue, Saudi Aramco is one of the largest organizations in the world. This company has one of the largest crude oil reserves in the world, with the second highest oil production rate on the planet. Saudi Aramco controls the largest hydrocarbon network of any company, known as the Master Gas System. This organization has consistently been the world’s top CO2 emitter and we highly recommend avoiding their subsidiaries or products. Click here to view all of Saudi Aramco’s Subsidiary Companies.

#2: Chevron Corporation

Chevron Corporation is an American-based energy company that operates in a multitude of countries across the world. Chevron Corporation has centers in over 180 countries, with oil drilling sites across the planet. The company is not only the second largest polluter of greenhouse gases in the world, but they have also been involved in numerous environmental catastrophes over the last few decades. Chevron has been sued by a number of countries for spilling oil into their oceans, including suits in Ecuador and Angola. Chevron was also sued in America for violations of the Clean Air Act. Today, Chevron is responsible for over 50 billion tonnes of carbon pollution every year. Here is a list of all Chevron’s subsidiary companies.

#3: Gazprom

Gazprom is a Russian energy company operating in dozens of countries across the world. This oil and natural gas manufacturer has the highest revenue of any business in Russia and is the 40th largest company in the world. Gazprom is mostly owned by the Russian government and has been able to dominate the market in Russia due to government control of the industry. Here is a list of all Gazprom’s subsidiaries.

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