The UN Issues New Climate Report and the Results Don’t Look Promising

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Each year, the UN Environment Program conducts a study on the world’s progress towards previously set climate goals. This report titled the “Emissions Gap Report 2019” tracks greenhouse gas emissions and climate change over the last year and presents findings on the subject to the United Nations. The study compares climate change variances against the 1.5 Degree C temperature increase limit set in the Paris Agreement.

The data presented in this year’s Emissions Gap Report are worrisome, as the world is on track to surpass the temperature cap targets set just four years ago at the Paris Agreement Convention. The increased pollution and failure to meet set standards from countries like China and the United States has pushed the world’s greenhouse gas emissions past crucial tipping points and has scientists worried that the world may not be able to revert back once those tipping points are reached.

The authors of the report indicate that deeper, faster and more comprehensive cuts to carbon emissions are now required if the global community is to prevent a global climate catastrophe. The world’s 20 richest nations are responsible for over 75% of all emissions and the very future of our planet likely rests in their hands.

What Can You Do?

While there is not much you can change in your personal life to affect how the governing bodies of the planet conduct their carbon regulations, you can voice your opinion to those bodies. Write the executive branch, the UN ambassadors for your country, and the legislative branch of your country and let them know you want larger actions taken to meet the temperature caps set in by the Paris Agreement!

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