How Low Voter Turnout is Destroying the Planet

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

It is not uncommon these days to hear your friends or neighbors talk about how they are supporting the environment, doing their part, or encouraging others to recycle. It is encouraging to hear so many people concerned about the planet and looking for ways they can make their community a better place. However, when it comes time to vote in their state or local elections, many citizens are nowhere to be found.

In Colorado’s November 5th election, only 40% of registered voters opted to cast a ballot in the election. In Denver County, only about 30% of registered voters submitted their ballot. And that percentage is based on REGISTERED voters only. This means that out of the estimated 620,000 people who live in Denver, only about 26% voted in their state election. While these numbers may seem abnormally low, they are actually above average when it comes to voter turnout in state elections across the US. In almost every state across America, millions opt to make their political opinions heard on social media sites, but then sit idly by and do nothing when it comes time to make an actual difference in the world.

The overwhelming majority of American citizens are in support of making fundamental changes to our governmental systems in support of environmentally-friendly practices, yet almost none do what it takes to make those changes happen. The luxury of sitting around, waiting for someone else to vote, to stay informed, to do the work for us is no longer an option. The citizens of America and the world need to stand up and fight for what they want if they ever wish to see their goals materialize.

It is astonishing how many environmentally conscious citizens have no idea who their state and local representatives are, or what items will be on the upcoming ballot. If we are going to make the world a better place and do what we can to protect the environment, this needs to change. As a society, we need to realize that the most important first step in the battle to end climate change is to pay attention to what the governments of the world are doing and get involved!

What Can I Do?

The first step is to register to vote in the area you live and make sure your voter information is up to date. Check online for upcoming elections and DO YOUR RESEARCH on upcoming ballot initiatives and elections. If you don’t see issues you care about on the ballot, write your state and local representatives and let them know you want that to change if they value your vote! Don’t know who your representatives are? Change that…yesterday.

Do you vote in local or midterm elections? Do you think that has any consequences on the environment? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think!

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