Federal Reserve Adds $1.5 TRILLION to Stock Market To Slow Crash

Updated: Mar 16

Two weeks into the coronavirus outbreak and the US stock market has been on a steeply downward trend. In an effort to slow down the crash, the FED injected $1.5 trillion of US government money into the financial sector.

Ironically, the government officials who pushed for this injection are the same ones who are also constantly pushing the narrative that socialism will destroy America. It appears that in their opinion, socialism for the sick and poor will destroy this country, but socialism for the rich is an absolute necessity.

The $1.5 trillion briefly gave stocks a small bump, before returning to their downhill free for all.

This amount of money, which the federal government threw out without a second thought, would be enough to implement a Medicare-for-all program AND provide free college for all US citizens.

The same amount of money could also erase ALL student debt for US residents, which could relieve the crippling pressures of debt from the young people of the country.

The corona-craze is happening parallel to one of the closest Democratic primaries in recent history, with single-payer healthcare being a central issue in the race. With news of this new stock-market bailout, it really makes one wonder if Biden will continue pushing the narrative that Sander’s MFA plan will bankrupt the country. It appears that sentiment is false, as the government just put double the cost of Sander’s program into a bit of socialism for the rich.


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