Coronavirus Confirms Glaring Holes in Trump's Leadership

As the United States begins to see the novel coronavirus spread across the country, several things have become abundantly clear. First, the US in not as immune to the spread of this disease as many imagined. Second, there has never been a worse time to have an incompetent leader at the head of the nation.

Rather than rising to meet the rising threat of the coronavirus, Trump has instead opted to blame previous presidents for his failures over the last several weeks. The frivolous attempt to misplace the blame on President Obama has been proven false, despite being utterly useless in the first place.

So far, the world has seen over 100,000 cases of this new virus, with outbreaks finally reaching the US early this month. Americans have been holding their breath watching the seemingly unstoppable virus spread across Asia and Europe, hoping that their governmental bodies were adequately prepared to the contain the disease at the border. That has now proven to be a false hope.

As of Thursday, March 5th, the United States has now seen 12 deaths resulting from the coronavirus, with confirmed cases in many states including Washington, California, Colorado and Maryland. In a somewhat delayed response, the US Congress voted on Thursday to approve a $8.3 Billion dollar spending limit to combat the virus domestically.

With cases of this virus spreading across the world for over a month now, many experts are wondering why the US government is only now approving funding to fight the deadly disease.

As the world continues to do what they can to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, global citizens can only sit back and hope that their governmental bodies can rise to the occasion and stop the disease in its tracks.

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